Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What happened to the weather?

Goodness, what a brisk fall day.   It was difficult to drag myself out from under the covers this morning.  Windows were open last night so that we could listen to the "critters" and the soft breezes.....well, even the "critters" were too chilly to chirp this morning!

This Labor Day is the first, ever, that we haven't had a get-together or a project to at least begin.  Hubby purchased a new I-Pod for him and a Nook for my for my upcoming birthday....so as you might guess, the day was spent putzing and playing with the new toys.   The search is on for a handy dandy cover for the Nook Color.  Does anyone have any recommendations?   He is the computer savy one in this family - and thankfully he enjoys figuring these gadgets out! 

What did you do on this Labor Day?   Hope everyone enjoyed!!!