Friday, September 2, 2011

This is the face of an Unhappy Camper!!

Thought it was a tad stuffy at zero-dark-hundred.  Jumped up and went in the living room to cool off.  Leather furniture always feels cool when one is blessed with those lovely "Power Surges"  from hell, as that condition is not-so-lovingly referred to in this household!

Things just weren't cooling down as they should....guess what?  On this lovely Michigan day, when the weather is nearing recording-breaking temps again....the air conditioner apparently decided to revolt!   Must be male because nobody else could possibly find the humor in that! 

So the motto for today is "When life gives you lemons - make Vodka Lemonade!"
(Not really, but it sounded good!)  

I'll just wait impatiently for the repairman with a tall glass of peach tea - that is more my speed.

Hope everyone has a wonderful AND COOL day!!!