Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snuggled by the Roaring Fire...

Have you ever had one of those wonderfully lazy days...two really productive days in a row and the best intentions for today.   However, after sleeping in, fixing a light brunch, the hubby and I decided we were not going to be very motivated today.  And I might add, we've been extremely successful!  Cleaned out emails, organized files on the computer, send a few notes - all while snuggled under the afghan next to the fire and watching television.

We ended up pulling movies from the cabinet and are now watching "Mountain Men" with Charleston Heston and Brian Keith.  Normally, it isn't a movie I would select.  My memories of Charleston Heston involved a chariot.  There have been a few entertaining moments.  Both hubby and I have decided our fathers would have loved this movie.  As a little girl, I spent many evenings watching John Wayne movies with my dad.

When my daughter comes home, we always have at least one "girls day" where we pick a classic...Thornbirds, Gone With the Wind, North and South, Dirty Dancing, P.S. I Love You, Coco Channel, etc.  This year it was the Godfather trilogy. 

Do you have any special movie memories?


Sue said...

No real movie memories, but I do love Dirty Dancing! It is one rare movie that I've watched many times. I don't usually like to repeat books or movies.

Everyone needs a cozy day sometimes.