Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's a Wrap...

With the snow gently falling, today was the day I started taking down the decorations and breaking down my beloved trees.  As as of 9 p.m., the three big trees and the six smaller ones are completely bare.  Lights have been removed, ornaments wrapped and packed away, and other than two wreaths with snowmen on them (they aren't really Christmas decorations, are they?), the house is getting back to normal.  Yes, I miss the twinkling lights and the tree in the living room that turns, but I have to admit once I packed away that last box, I could feel the weight being lifted.  

I love, love, love Christmas and all the decorations, and after a hectic holiday with many, many guests, (some of whom had a nasty cold/sinus infection -myself included) it's sweet to sit in the recliner with the faithful dog nearby and just breath and company to feed, no board games and late nights, in fact, toast will be perfectly fine for breakfast in the morning.  Hummm, in fact sleeping in later is sounding nice too.

Happy Thursday!!


Sue said...

Isn't it amazing how we love to put it all up...and yet it feels so good when it is all down! Enjoy!