Monday, November 1, 2010

What a difference a day makes!

This is just a few days ago - before the Michigan winds came charging through.  The spectacular views of autumn splendor are, for the most part, a pleasant memory.  

This is the "tween" period - between those rich golden colors and the beauty of the fallen snow.  That being said, I'm in no hurry for the snow part - just the beauty of it!
It's now time to finish cleaning out the flower beds, store the deck furniture, bring in pots from the deck ...and start stacking the firewood.   

Speaking of bringing in pots, has anyone had any luck in storing spikes/geraniums through the winter months?   I have four pots that are just beautiful and someone told me if I take them inside for the winter they will come back bigger and stronger next year.  I have a basement area, but no windows - 
will that work?  I'd appreciate your suggestions.

Happy Monday Everyone!