Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ah...Silence is Golden!

It's post-election day - and blissfully quiet!   I am all about voting and consider it my civic responsibility to participate.   Having recently moved to a new state, the selection process this time around was quite challenging.  There was no history of  the incumbants' records and found it extremely difficult to find "accurate" information on those running.   And it, for now, appears to be a new ballgame - at least until the next election! 

Ah, I shall NOT miss the endless recorded phone messages that interrupted my daily life for so long!  Best wishes, however, to those who have elected and have been elected to face the challenge of making our country stronger and better.

The day was spent cleaning windows, inside and out, and taking down screens.  Everything looks so much brighter and cleaner and clearer right now.  There is nothing like a "project" to clear the mind, or is that occupy? 

Happy Wednesday to All!