Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Weather Outside is Frightful...

Isn't this awesome!   

So many of us have been deluged with excessive and unexpected amounts of snow.  Being one of the fortunate  few, we ventured outside for a bit this past weekend.  And burrr, it was a long walk on a short pier!!   The sight of my walking down the ice-coated pier would have been great fodder for American's Greatest Videos. 
I just don't bounce up like I use to!   
It did give me a new respect for those olympic ice skaters!

Here's wishing us all a warm cup of hot chocolate, a good book, warm boots and the strength to hold on until spring!


Anonymous said...

We are definitely heading into spring here in Oregon. Finally and thank God. We had sun today. Formerly from California and Texas, I always took the sun for granted. That will never happen again.