Monday, January 25, 2010

Your opinion ...please.

I need some suggestions!

The old tile in the kitchen floor is gone (thankfully!) and the hardwood floor has been extended from the dining room.  I like the look of the natural wood, or the lighter color of  the natural wood. The guy was here today and sanded the dining room and kitchen floors - what a difference.  So light and airy.  We checked they stains they brought and yuck - didn't match, so more are coming tomorrow.  The kicker is the kitchen cabinets are darker with a reddish tone to them. 

My question is - dare I go with a natural or lighter stain on the floor?  Have any of you seen/done this in your kitchens?   This isn't something a can of paint and a little time will correct if I do it wrong!  

Grrrrrr. decisions, decisions, decisions! 



debbie said...

Read your comment on TDC about staining your light floors. We have dark red mahogany cabinets and light (natural) wood floors and I really like it. IMHO if you try and stain the floors it's going to be too dark all the way around. Ours were sanded and finished with poly about 7-8 years ago. They have darkened a bit over the years.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

There isn't any "should". You have them done the way they feel best for/to you.

My woodworking husband says go with natural. It will darken a bit. But it will make everything brighter.