Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Forgot About the Dust...

We are definitely in the middle of projects......and it does feel good.  That being said, I forgot about the dust involved in taking up tile floors (perhaps because I've never done before!)  Rooms are rearranged, knick-knacks have been packed and moved to a safe location.  Furniture is shoved in the funniest places.

I was setting up a little table last night for computer access and found that I REALLY LIKED this little corner in the living room....feels comfortable and cozy.  More thought needs to be given to the rearranging of the living room (more like a great room).  Then...this morning the dust became a bit to much (and the noise!) so I moved my little table into the bedroom.............and this feels good too. 

So what started out as a simple project (if you can call that simple) feels like more rearranging in other rooms.  Am I the only one who has these moments??

I'll be back - as soon as the dust settles a little more.


Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Well, it's a fun process. Finding where it really feels nice, to do your blogging.

And figuring out rearranging furniture.

Good luck with with-standing the dust! And noise!