Thursday, July 14, 2011

Flowers are coming...

This is the third day in the hospital with my mom, who has Alzheimer's.   Tests that are necessary and confusing to her at the same time.  Unfamiliar surroundings, routines, clothing and all the nasty stuff that goes with the territory. I'm praying that we have answers when all this is said and done!  The one thing that has brought a smile to her face was a vase of flowers from home.   I think I'll remember that smile for years to come.  It's so hard to see them hurt.  Hopefully, if tests go well tomorrow, we'll be back home on Friday.  Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer for her.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

And when I grow up, I'm going to be really brave.....

The little guy in the swing is our youngest grandchild (until the end of next month!) and he will be 2 in November.  But he is a firm believer that if his older brother and sister can do it, so can he!  Not one moment's hesitation going down the zip line.   The "adult" kids put it up last summer and my first trip down it was over the 4th.....I was the last hold-out.  I kept telling them someone had to be available to call "911" - but once the brake was installed, it was time to live a little.  Fun, Fun, Fun.

Call me crazy - but for that moment it time, it felt so good to be carefree!  What is the last "carefree" adventure you took?