Saturday, February 11, 2012

25 Things

My 25 things

In no particular order:

1)    I love watermelon.

2)    I put up seven trees for Christmas.

3)    My birthday is 9/25.

4)    I love to watch old HGTV.  And why do home projects take more than 30 minutes like on TV?

5)    I’ll be 63 in just a few months.  Amazing, I went from 39 to 63 overnight.

6)    I once took a ride in a hot air balloon and it is one of my favorite memories.

7)    I’ve moved to a new state after living 30 years in the same house.  And I love it!!!

8)    I am technically challenged -  multiple remote controls drive me crazy.

9)    I talk mostly to my daughter and son, stepdaughter, and in-laws.   

10)  Fall is my favorite time of year! The colors make me happy in my heart!

11)  I love yellow and red - anything yellow and red.

12)  My favorite thing to make is ....reservations!

13)  Singing is not in my forte - not even in the shower.  And how I wish I could carry a tune.

14)  My hubby and I took dance lessons from Arthur Murray.  I'd love to continue.

15)  I listen to Eric Clapton, Michael Buble, Rod Steward  and  soft jazz on my Ipod.

16)  I am a news junkie.

17)  I love spending time with my grandkids!!!  They bring such joy to ordinary days!

18)  I love to play cards and games with my friends/family.

19)  I received a Nook for my last birthday and have yet to read a book on it.

20)  When my daughter comes to visit, we alway take a day to watch "Classic" movies.  FUN!

21)  My mom passed away this past September from complications of Alzheimers.  She had lived
       with us the last four years and I was her caregiver.   This house is lonely and I miss her terribly.

22)  My half sister and I are extremely close and yet we only got to know each other after she was 

24)  I fondly days, not hours, spent basking in the sun and getting that perfect tan.  Those were the  
       days when that was your biggest concern!

25)  I’ve always wanted to play the piano. Am I too old to learn?

Wow, that was much easier that I thought it would be.  I think I could go on an on.  Must be in one of those moods.  There are days when I sit down to write and my mind is blank!   One of my goals for the new year was to make regular entries on my blog - haven't followed through on that one yet!

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