Thursday, May 13, 2010

Now this is a barn!

The opportunity presented itself for a few days away thanks to my wonderful daughter, who stayed with her Grandma.  We headed to Frankenmuth, Michigan to take in the sites.  And lovely sites they were!  We ate the traditional food, took in the touristy shops and took lot of pictures. 

For those of you who are "caregivers" you will understand how wonderful it is to get away just to relax, do things when and if you want to, walk, talk and spend some quality time with one another.  And that is NOT to say I begrudge my role as "caretaker".   I am just saying that everyone needs a respite break.

Hubby and I are so fortunate in that we both share so many common likes and interests...and following that "yellow brick road" is one of them.   In the past, we have been known to take off on vacation for weeks without one reservation in place.  And so we did on this little "getaway".  

I was amazed at the cleanliness of this town, the homes were well kept, the lawn well manicured, there appeared to be no areas that were neglected or needed attention.  Parks were lovely (my age is showing, but frisbee golf was a new term to me!).  There is so much history here, lovely old homes, a number of  churches were open for tours, people were extremely friendly and helpful.   We intended on hitting a winery or two, but spent more time than we had anticipated at Bronners Christmas Wonderland.  We did find some wonderful Chocolate Mint Cheese (really, who would have ever thought of that!)  
(Ladies, can you tell I'm very comfortable under my rock!!)

But my favorite was this little "gem" tucked on the outskirts of town.  The home, as you can imagine, was VERY lovely!  Can you imagine what you could do with something like this tucked into your back yard?  It would make a great little antique shop, don't you think?  Or a great "man barn" with pool table, manly stuff everywhere.  The possibilities are endless.   What would you do with this little "gem"?



Mindy said...

Your daughter is great to let y'all get away. And how much fun? As for the barn, well, I have a storage barn...I wonder if I could paint it to look like that. Hmmmm...very cute! ~Mindy

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

That is a very charming barn! I love Michigan, it's one of my favorite states, so much beauty!
Thanks for coming by and entering my giveaway. I adding on as a follower and hoping you will show up in my dashboard!