Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dreaming of Spring...

The sun has been shining the last several days, the snow is melting and I find myself searching for signs of spring.   You know, a bud on the tree, a flower peeking through the snow, etc.  
A few weeks early, but the sunshine has really been a welcome sight for most of us. 

Life continues to happen around here - just remembering to breath and enjoy the good days!  Thanks to those who have checked is appreciated more than you will ever realize.

Best wishes for a wonderful weekend for all of you!


Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Oh my but Signs of Spring, and wishing for them, is invading Pretty Blog Land!!!


Sandra Wilkes said...

Yes, spring is sneaking in! Yea!!! Quicker here than for you it sounds. First buds are already out. Right now sunshine is BRIGHT even though still cold. Sky is so blue. Picture perfect out my window.

Sue said...

I asked my husband yesterday if we had anything blooming yet here in Illinois, but not yet. I will say the past couple of 50 degree days have been wonderful. But, there will be another snow or ice is the Midwest after all:)

Thanks for your visit!

Unknown said...

Hello there~

Its funny how most of us are so desperate for warm weather and spring time fun. I was just at my mom and dads yesterday and one of their trees had pink cherry blossom buds on it! I found myself with a little squeel! HA! thanks for your visit, have a great evening. JGG

Anonymous said...

I've been meandering through your blog and reading your posts and I love the way you write!

Thanks for hopping (Easter, get it??) over to my blog. :)