Saturday, August 1, 2009

We're not all perfect...

We all have those days
when things don't go as planned

And this has been one

Early morning spent setting up a lovely garage sale
to make room for the treasures that are yet to be found.
Signs posted, change ready, coffee made, and now we wait.

Winds pick up
big gusts now - blowing down the signs (unknown to me).
Neighbors come to checks things out, bringing fresh beans and cukes,
putting my signs back up before coming up the lane to visit.

Rain starts - ducks are happy
I don't have to water the new fruit trees and flowers in the field
Nor sweep the driveway as winds have taken care of that.

People continue to stop by and chat
we now have a "coffee clutch" table going.
Being new to the area, it's nice to hear what is going on locally.

Idle chatter, lots of laughs and introductions
and a few good sales along the way.
Rains are coming harder and wind is stronger.
Garage sale will be continued to another day.

The best comment of the day came from a total stranger,
who commented on this flower in the garden, saying,

"Look - it's not perfect, like us, but is beautiful in its own way."

How nice and how true.

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Lori E said...

First of all anyone who sets up a garage sale deserves a medal in my opinion.
Sounds like you had a good neighborhood visit.

Just a little something from Judy said...

You definitely need one of my hot fish sandwiches on a day like this one!! So sorry! Love the quote because it is true..."not perfect, like us, but beautiful in its own way". Hope the weather is better the next day.

Deb said...

I wouldn't know it was one of those days by reading this post. Your poem was beautiful.

Melissa said...

You are right. There is beauty to be found in everything. Even stormy weather.

Caroline said...

That is so true. There is beauty in the imperfect...makes us realize to just do the best we can. Leave the high expectations at home and enjoy what is around you ;)